For the first edition of Piccole Cose, I'm gonna kick things off the same way I kick off every morning: watching my roommate Cardiff make pasta in a towel.

Before class, Cardiff wakes up to the same routine. After sliding out of bed and throwing on a towel, he fills a pot with water and sets it to boil. Next, he hops in the shower and by the time he's out, the pot is bubbling. He cooks the pasta (al dente, of course), and mixes cold sauce into the hot pasta, creating a lukewarm breakfast dish that is, in his words, "starchtastic."

[note: Piccole Cose is going to be a recurring series of short posts detailing the small details in my Italian life that make it my own. Piccole Cose is Italian for "little things"]


  1. Meghann said...
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  2. Meghann said...

    I was just about to make some breakfast, but suddenly I feel some hesitation.  


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