A Whole Lot of Liquid.

It's no secret that I've been a busy guy recently. I just celebrated my one-year anniversary at Lagunitas, I spent tens of hours studying for the Certified Cicerone Exam (which I passed!), and I'm still excitedly exploring San Francisco since my move here in April.
But this website isn't about my day-to-day, it's about my creative output. Recently that has taken the form of a variety of potent potables.
Along with my good buddy Alex, I have been working on a project we have dubbed the "Soma Beverage Lab."

Though we aren't selling the product of our labors, we are acting as a real business, complete with Twitter account, recipe documentation and custom labels. Thus far we've experimented with several different soda recipes and how to carbonate/bottle them, looked at the effects of wine aerators, and started making kombucha. Still to come? More sodas, beer, and whatever else tickles our fancies. Stay tuned.


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