Arts & Crafts DVD

In the first half of 2005, my good friend Zac Minor produced a two-disc concert DVD for Arts & Crafts records featuring the bands Stars, Apostle of Hustle, and then-unknown Feist. I did the photography and graphic design for the DVDs (not including the photograph of Feist). The photos are the product of a one night session in San Francisco. Above is the cover for disc one.

Disc two cover.

Disc one menu.

Disc two menu.

Feist content menu. Official photo provided by Arts & Crafts Records. Credit unknown.

Apostle of Hustle content menu. Based on "Folkloric Feel" album artwork.
[Note: Folkloric Feel is one of my favorite albums. Please listen to it and support the band.]

Stars content menu. Based on "Set Yourself on Fire" album artwork.


  1. TVH, PM said...

    Oh come on, you never told me you CREATED A PRODUCT for Arts & Crafts.  


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