Looking Back on London

As I write this I am traveling at a speed just shy of 200MPH. I'm moving east on the 15:30 EuroStar from London St. Pancras to Paris Nord, Bob Dylan singing all-too-appropriately in my headphones about wheelin' free across transamerican railways.

I had the time of my life in London, and seeing the British countryside disappear in blue-green streaks at my sides, like a National Geographic Home Video on fast-forward, is making me miss the city already. If you've managed to miss my incessant bragging over the last few weeks, I'll catch you up on my recent goings-on.

In my 14 nights in London, I attended eight concerts; the city is flooded with independant artists fresh off the early-summer European festival circuit, and I really took advantage of the situation.

I met dozens of wonderful people, including several very talented musicians and a few friends I hope to keep.

I slept a full eight hours every night, read a full three hours every day, and mastered the art of eating for less than 10 quid a day.

So what do I have to show for it?

I've got perspective, relaxation, memories and friendship. And it wouldn't have done it any differently.

NOTE: Many pictures have been recently uploaded to my Flickr. Sorry for all the concert shots.



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