I'm Basically a Gladiator

Well folks, at the end of my second full day in Rome, I can confidently say that I am completely in awe of this amazing city. The journey here was a rough one; two delayed flights led to a missed connection, which brought my total travel time to almost 27 hours. I didn't get more than 3 hours of sleep on the planes, and I was a complete zombie during the terrifying cab ride to my apartment. As my driver careened around the final turn of our drive and swerved to miss a Vespa, my eyes laid upon the following sight, dashing any question from my mind as to whether or not this was all "worth it."
My apartment is located no more than 150 yards from the Roman Colosseum. As I reveled in the situation, I tipped my driver a bit too much and took a minute to let my surroundings sink in. Eventually, I wrestled all 150 pounds of my luggage into the three square foot elevator and stumbled into my tiny, strangely IV-like apartment. The rooms, like the TV and beds, are small. There is a great water fountain in the bathroom my three roommates have been calling "the bidet." Not sure what's up with that.
The roomies seem nice enough, and the 99 UC students in my program seem to be comprised of a great mix of people from all different backgrounds. We just finished our second day of orientation, which was particularly exhausting due to my inability to sleep thus far. Let's just say nerves, jet lag, and an uncomfortable tiny bed are not a great combination. It's approaching 2AM here now, and the Tylenol PMs I took to hopefully snap me into a regular sleep schedule are just kickin' in, so that's where I'll leave it for now.
Ciao amici.


  1. Zac said...

    Il bandwitch mostrare il suo volto in italia?  


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